Our History

Somis Dairy Industry

The long history of our cheese factory starts from Chrysostomou Ilias, known as SOMIS since 1941 which was located in Agios Sergios Famagusta.

A few years later in 1970 Chrysostomos Ilias of the first generation decides to modernize the dairy unit by building a fully equipped factory in Agios Sergios. Unfortunately, in 1974, four years later, the worst was in store for them as the island was invaded, thus losing everything.

Forced by the barbarian conquerors, he was forced to leave his village and his property. After the end of the war, Chrysostomos Ilias and his son Andreas Ilias regroup and thus take the big decision to get back on their feet and create a small business from scratch in the refugee settlement of Xylofagos.

With much toil and toil they worked hard to continue what they loved and made a living. After they slowly managed to return to the market, Andreas Ilias together with his three boys by his side made the big decision on 2004 to build a new factory in Frenaros. Here they were to write a new story in the dairy industry with the state-of-the-art factory at the time. Success came since love and excessive passion for the profession and quality stood out in the market.

We are proud of our traditional halloumi!

Ιn 2022, the company changed direction by building and expanding on the foundation created by its predecessors. It took on a new formation by joining an entity comprised of two groups of milk producers and a Cypriot trader who excels in the Swedish and wider Scandinavian market.

3F Fair Farm Family Ltd is the professional marriage between ENAK (Cyprus Cattle Breeders’ Association) which trades in cow’s milk, POAI (Cypriot Association of Sheep and Goat Breeders) which trades in sheep and goat milk and FONTANA AB, a Swedish importer of Mediterranean products. The name 3F Fair Farm Family represents the foundation and values on which this cooperation was cultivated, being fair and equal treatment.

Trust our experience!

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High Quality Products

Our dedication to quality is always a commitment, supplying the consumer and our customers with the very finest and highest quality products.


We are one of the oldest dairy companies in Cyprus, and our experience and expertise is umatched.


We embrace the finest traditions of halloumi production.

Unique products

We use large quantities of sheep and goat’s milk in our products, giving it a taste, texture and smell different from rival products.

Work dynamic

We are visionaries, always setting up new goals in regards to our products!